Fenixco is a privately owned belgian real estate developer based in Ghent. In order to develop their brand they asked me to film their activities. I came up with a script and we filmed their activities on 3 different locations. It was important for them to show their people on the field. Mission accomplished !


Actiris is a regional body in charge of employment in Brussels. On this project I collaborated with advertising agency, social Lab, to interview different French speaking students who learn Flemish in order to find work in the Flemish region. So during the class hours I interviewed them to hear them talk about their experience and…


Oxfam wanted to create a spot to attract people to thier anual breakfast event in Brussels. I came with a nice idea and they selected me because of the orignality of my concept. My concept was to create a kitchen in the middle of nowhere and to see a family taking their breakfast as a…


Grahams is a traditional well established porto brand from Portugal. The aim of Grahams is to attract more young people and give a more trendy image of the brand. So they decided to film different brand ambassadors who love to share their passion for Porto. They contacted me to film these ambassadors in their restaurants…

CO2LOGIC – Benin

Since 2007, CO2logic has developed an unique approach towards a low carbon economy. In order to compensate their carbon emissions, companies have the opportunity to support local projects in Africa to reduce CO2 emissions in these regions. Inter parking wanted to I was asked to film this trip and show how thier money is